Well-Known Personalities Lose Weight And Debut Their New Body

Whether you are an ordinary Joe or a well known public persona, getting fit is not an easy journey. Some may say that celebrities have a harder time as they are always on the go and traveling, forced to grab a bite to eat when they can and not always able to fit in that daily gym session. We’ve drawn up a list of well-known stars who have started or completed their paths to fitness and show you the amazing results they have had.

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Christina Aguilera

First up, is the beautiful Christina. Having matured into the iconic look she sports today, she managed to drop over 50 pounds in all, after she was called out in 2012 as being too heavy. We think she was more curvaceous than heavy and still looked great, but she took the comments to heart and embarked on a weight loss plan. The media were stunned when her next public appearance in 2013 showcased her new figure.


Janet Jackson

Janet is working on changing her silhouette and is progressing well, having lost more than 60 pounds to date. The final result will no doubt exceed even her history-making Super Bowl performance.


Chris Pratt

The well known Marvel Super Hero was not recognizable when he starred as the chunky and sweet Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. Since then, he has worked hard to return to his currently buff bod. much to the delight of his many fans.


Christian Bale

The actor is known for transforming his body to fit the character he is playing. This has meant both increasing and decreasing his weight. Doing this has gained him kudos for critics of his work. Most recently, he dropped a disturbing amount of body mass, to film The Machinist, and then retransformed into superhero Batman.


Alec Baldwin

It seems as if Alec has been a part of the industry forever. He made the wise decision to earnestly control his weight gain when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.


Mariah Carey

A lady with a big voice and an even bigger temperament, Mariah also seemed to be enlarging her body size over time. The good news is that she has changed her lifestyle to improve her health since then and has dropped over 70 pounds.


Al Roker

At his highest weight of 340 pounds, TV host, Al, made the choice to drastically change his attitude towards health and fitness. Currently, he is much healthier and happier at 190 pounds.


Randy Jackson

Being diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, shocked Randy into changing his ways in 2008. With major eating and lifestyle alterations, he has lost over 100 pounds.


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi

After giving birth, Nicole’s weight ballooned and she had to work hard to lose the excess bulk. After managing to get rid of over 100 pounds, the results are apparent on her Instagram page. She is looking fantastic and living her life with gusto.


Raven Symone

Raven is a well-known actress, having been in the industry since childhood. She picked up weight over the years and found the secret to losing it, as steadfast dieting and exercise. in 2011, she confirmed she had lost over 70 pounds.


Graham Elliot

Master Chef fans view Graham as a staple on Master Chef but have noticed a huge change in his appearance over time. In fact, 150 pounds difference, down from 400 pounds in 2013.


John Goodman

Who does not recognize this huge guy? The iconic actor has never dropped a noticeably large amount of weight in a relatively short period of time,rather, he has reprogrammed his mind to reject his previous habit of eating all the wrong things. His improved health shows. He looks good.


Beth Smith

Reality TV series, ‘Bounty Hunter’ starred Beth as Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s fifth wife in real life. Always well-padded, she made the decision to lose some of it.


Gosh, Chumlee and his ‘Pawn Stars’ co-star, Cory Harrison have dropped a jaw-dropping amount of weight. we must track him down to find out how he did this. Very impressive Chumlee.

Mama June

Mama June has made extreme changes to her lifestyle, shedding 150 pounds, even outshining her daughter, Honey Boo Boo’s rising star. Much healthier now, she is unrecognizable as the Mama June we first met.

Paula Deen

Well known on cooking channels as the go-to comfort food guru, Paula was diagnosed as being diabetic, which jump-started her change in eating habits. She is now a self-confessed smoothie junkie, losing 35 pounds so far. So get into the kitchen and follow her example. Nutritious smoothies are weight loss friendly.

Queen Latifah

This inspiring and influential actress changed her work out program to alleviate the tedium of the one she was following. This led to greater weight loss, but it helps that she can juggle her busy life and weight loss plan with ease.

Jorge Garcia

Well known ‘Lost’ actor, Jorge has reinvented his lifestyle and as a Vegan, has managed to lose all the extra weight he was carrying.

Rebel Wilson

If you have watched the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ you probably know Rebel as her character “Fat Amy “. In 2016, Rebel kick-started her road to fitness, after catching the hiking bug. Her new activity has resulted in a 15-pound weight loss so far. This Australian actress should be an example to all of us wanting to improve our fitness levels…

Chrissy Metz

While filming American Horror Story: Freakshow, Chrissy admitted she was battling depression and low energy. When she appeared in This is Us, fans were astounded at how good she looked. She had lost 100 pounds and seemed to be much healthier psychologically for it.

Chaz Bono

We have seen Chaz lately on Dancing with the stars and he is looking good. His obvious weight reduction has him looking very smart.

Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia is an unforgettable character from Star Wars, played by Carrie. Although she has passed away, Carrie reprised her legendary role in Star Wars, prior to her death. Always being tracked by the media, she shed excess pounds for this reprisal role.

Ruben Studdard

American Idol’s second champion, Ruben has decreased his weight by 112 pounds since his first appearance in 2003.

Kirstie Alley

Always statuesque, Kirsty now in her 60’s looks better than she has during the past. She lost 50 pounds using the Jenny Craig program, even becoming a representative herself.

Jennifer Hudson

If you eat junk food, your health will suffer. Weight Watcher, Jennifer stopped the unhealthy eating habits and monitored what she fed her body, resulting in improved health.

Drew Carey

Much loved Drew Carey, Clevelands icon, made the decision to drop pounds so he could take over as host of The Price is Right. Rock on Drew!

Ronnie Ortiz

The Jersey Shore reality star became the series resident hot guy, but let the fame distract him by neglecting his fitness routine. He quickly packed on the extra girth but has rectified this lapse and is back on track. We can already see the results of his new regime.

Star Jones

This straight-talking actress was not shy to admit she was morbidly obese. She did undergo gastric bypass surgery to assist her in her weight loss goal.

Wendy Williams

On her self named show, Wendy discusses many topics that not only entertain but educate her viewers. Sometimes, the topic of choice is herself. She has said on her show that she lost 50 pounds, slowly and steadily, over time. She also advised her fans to realize that any change takes work and is part of the journey towards your final goal.

Jordin Sparks

Dieting is not easy and Jordin decided to lose her excess bulk slowly, as she did not want to feel deprived at any stage of her weight loss journey. She reduced her weight by 50 pounds in just over a year.

Kelly Osbourne

Some dieters use dubious methods to drop weight quickly. Not Kelly. She lost 42 pounds by watching the size of her portions at mealtimes and making sure she exercised daily. She has said that her body image has improved and she sees herself as an individual and no longer compares herself to others.

Khloe Kardashian

Khole is looking really svelte these days. Her lifestyle changes and exercise regimes have resulted in a 25-pound loss.

Melissa McMcarthy

Losing 50 pounds since we saw her performance as Sookie Saint James in the Gilmore Girls, Melissa is now stunning and enjoying her career as an actress/comedian.

Amber Riley

It is well documented that a rapid cut down in weight can be dangerous. Amber just started to eat correctly and her dress size decreased. This is probably the way to do it when embarking on your program to fitness.

Stephenie Meyer

The author of the hugely popular Twilight Sagas’ that had so many young ladies drooling over Jacob or Edward, used to gym with weights and do elliptical workouts. She discovered that running reduced her weight faster and more efficiently over the last 12 months. She is not sure yet if she enjoys running or not, but it sure works for her.

Al Sharpton

Reducing his scale reading from 305 pounds to 129 pounds, was an impressive feat from the Reverend. It took around two years but was well worth it and he now as a matter of habit, eats healthily and works out to keep the weight off.

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